About Us

Posted on December 18, 2013

Target Market Media is a national publisher of trade magazines. They specialize in creating local-focused trade publications for various professional industries. With the end goal of creating a national network of local editions, Target Market Media publishes magazines for attorneys, accountants, financial consultants, executives, Realtors and business professionals. Target Market Media trade magazines focus on industry insights, news, practice or business management, personal and career development, specific industry financial information as well as featuring a diversity of successful, well-respected professionals from within the industry.

Our publications exist simply to serve their readership in the specialized fields they cover. Our goal is to provide the best most informative, pertinent and engaging content in each issue for our targeted readership. We have no agenda and no pitch, so the content is dictated by our readers. Feel free to contact us with any editorial suggestions. We appreciate the feedback.

Based out of Phoenix, Target Market Media has magazines spanning the United States – from the Santa Rosa Valley to Miami and everywhere between.