A Time for Giving Back

Posted on December 21, 2016

Predictably, given the holidays are upon us, this blog will talk about something you’re undoubtedly seeing in many places in many forms. Giving. It’s the word, other than sales, you’ll hear the most right now.

I’m sure no one needs to remind you to acknowledge your clients and those who have helped you build your business throughout 2016. But actually, this is more about the other giving. Giving back-to community, friends, family-really anyone who could use a little help this time of year.

It might be cliché, but it’s also true, “It’s better to give than receive.” As adults, most of us no longer have long wish-lists of what we’re hoping for this holiday season, (other than peace, prosperity, and good government), so why not give yourself the best gift possible?

You don’t have to be wealthy or feel the need to play Santa to the whole world, but certainly in all of our lives there is someone, some charity, or somewhere your help, financial or otherwise, would be so greatly appreciated.

I leave it to you to consider who your lucky recipient(s) might be. Just know, that what may not seem like a big deal to you-could mean a huge difference in someone else’s life. Perhaps, even restore their faith in humanity.

Happy Holidays!