4 - PHX_Feb10_CoverAttorney at Law Magazine is a tightly focused business-to-business trade magazine providing targeted information to key decision makers in the local legal community. The magazine was first launched in Phoenix – Attorney at Law Magazine Greater Phoenix has flourished over the last five years growing to become the flagship edition.

Since launching, the magazine has expanded across the country with local publications in more than 15 markets, including Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Minnesota, Cleveland, Nashville and others. Target Market Media Publications is currently looking for publishers to launch and grow the magazine in new markets nationwide. Contact us today if you are interested in running your own business.

Attorney at Law Magazine is now available as a franchise as well.

About the Magazine

Attorney at Law Magazine brings influential readers and respected advertisers together in one publication. Attorney at Law Magazine has compelling content highlighting local attorneys, legal professionals, law firms, expert witnesses and local business leaders with additional feature articles and columns capturing the latest industry trends. The integration of compelling local market editorial with informative features and columns delivers a unique perspective to the legal professionals and features prominent lawyers and firms who are the driving forces in the legal community. In addition to its editorial coverage, Attorney at Law Magazine also offers a wide array of advertising formats.

As independent publishers we have no agenda. Our only goal is to ensure that our readers find each issue both enjoyable and informative. If you have any suggestions for our publication, please feel free to contact us.

To learn more about Attorney at Law Magazine, please visit the website.