Low Startup Costs

low startup costs

Target Market Media Publications has created a business opportunity that requires low startup costs for the publisher who decides to pursue the opportunity. Most businesses require a sizable amount of capital to launch it. This obstacle is often something that prevents entrepreneurial minded professionals from embarking on the path to business ownership.

Target Market Media has eliminated that obstacle.

Zero Investment

Unlike many business opportunities, Target Market Media does not require a monetary investment from their publishers. We provide a four-day training session online at no cost. We provide ongoing sales training conference calls at no cost. We provide the digital files to all needed marketing materials at no cost. We provide sample magazines at no cost. We provide an account to Office 365 for business communication.

Sweat Investment

While Target Market Media does not require a monetary investment from the publisher, the publisher does need to dedicate their time and efforts to establish sales connections and launch their publication. This will require the publisher to have the means to dedicate that time to launch their magazine without receiving a salary.

Basic Startup Costs

For some publishers, there may be some nominal startup costs that they will need to handle on their end. This could include investing in a laptop computer or a tablet as well as a all-in-one printer/scanner. The publisher is also encouraged to use a smartphone. The publisher will also need access to steady transportation in order to attend sales appointments. For those who do not already have access to these, they will need to make that personal investment toward their business.

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To learn more about this business opportunity and the zero to low startup costs with  Target Market Media, contact our market development coordinator or complete our contact form.

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