Sweat Equity Exit Strategy

sweat equity exit strategyTarget Market Media Publications recognizes that our publishers are doing more than making sales; they are building a business through their hard work, connections and effort. To ensure that this work is not lost should the publisher decide to retire or move onto another opportunity, Target Market Media created a sweat equity exit strategy.

The Exit Strategy

If a publisher decides to retire or move onto another opportunity for any reason, Target Market Media created an exit strategy that will compensate them for their hard work. The publisher would be able to transition his or her business to a new independent contractor and receive a percentage of their commissions for some time depending on the number of years they had published for Target Market Media.

Sweat Equity

Target Market Media considers both longevity and success when considering the ongoing commission schedule with publishers who decide to leave. Publishers will be provided with the schedule to see what they would receive and for how long should they decide to transition out of their business.


This sweat equity exit strategy not only benefits the publisher, it benefits our readers. We are able to seamlessly transition from one publisher to another and allow both parties to mutually benefit from the other. The new publisher will receive information, contracts and connections from the old publisher. The exiting publisher will receive a commission based off an ongoing schedule as a nod toward the work they put into building the brand locally and launching the advertising sales over their career with Target Market Media Publications.

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Such transitions are considered on a one-on-one basis between the publisher and Target Market Media along with the new party. To learn more, contact our market development team or complete or contact form.

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