Attorney at Law Magazine Comes to First Coast

Posted on April 18, 2016

JACKSONVILLE (Apr. 18, 2016) – Target Market Media Publications, Inc. is pleased to introduce the premiere issue of Attorney at Law Magazine First Coast. Based out of Jacksonville, the publication is headed by local publisher Tom Brady.

Kenneth Minniti, CEO of Target Market Media, says, “We look forward to a thriving publication in Jacksonville. We know what an accomplishment it is to launch a magazine and we’d like to congratulate Tom on his hard work and success.”

We are pleased to feature John M. Phillips of the Law Offices of John M. Phillips, LLC as First Coast’s first Attorney of the Month and cover story. Phillips drew great influence from his grandfather and great-grandfather, both in the legal profession in Mississippi. Phillips places a strong emphasis on his family saying, “Being a lawyer is not all that I am; it is what I do,” a quote from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird, for which Phillips believes he relates well to the character, Atticus Finch. Phillips has represented many highly-publicized cases such as, Jordan Davis, the local Department of Motor Vehicles and the dental malpractice lawsuit that left 104 children missing teeth from unconsented dental procedures. Learn more about this lawyer in this month’s story.

This month we are also pleased to cover Lindsay L. Tygart of Edwards & Ragatz as our rising star attorney. We also feature a Q&A with Florida Coastal’s Kathy Para discussing the public services of the law school and legal communities. A special tribute feature of Barry Sinoff is included as well, offering a final farewell of a well-respected figure in the Jacksonville community. With a collection of legal columns and articles sharing tips on improving any legal practice, Attorney at Law Magazine First Coast will become the legal community’s go-to source for practice management and marketing tips as well as information on the local community.

For more information on the magazine or for nominations please feel free to contact us at (480) 219-9716 or email us at

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