Attorney at Law Magazine Launches Franchise in Kentucky

Posted on July 31, 2013
Attorney at Law Magazine Kentucky

Attorney at Law Magazine Kentucky

PHOENIX (July 31, 2013)—Target Market Media is pleased to announce the sale of its first Attorney at Law Magazine franchise in Kentucky.

Brian Lord, the new owner of the franchise, worked as a marketing consultant in the magazine industry for over five years. He then became an Independent Contractor/Publisher for Attorney at Law Magazine. After successfully launching Attorney at Law Magazine in the Kentucky market, Brian Lord opted to purchase the franchise.

Brian Lord shared, “I am very excited to take on this adventure of owning the franchise. It’s one thing to work hard for someone else and make some money, it’s another thing to work hard and get all the benefit of that hard work and that is what owning a franchise means to me. By testing the market I was able to see that this is a solid product worth selling, so then why not own it.”

Ken Minniti, President & CEO of Target Market Media also expressed his enthusiasm in moving forward with the franchise, “We are so pleased to bring Brian on as our first franchisee and we are excited to work closely with Brian in the future.”

We look forward to a thriving market in the State of Kentucky and congratulate Brian Lord on his success. For more information on Attorney at Law Magazine® franchises please feel free to contact us at (480) 219-9716 or email us at

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About Attorney at Law Magazine
Although Attorney at Law Magazine is new to the franchise world, it has a history of success through independent contractors. The magazine has spread across the country and has flourished. Attorney at Law Magazine is a glossy, four-color magazine targeted at private practice attorneys. This focused business-to-business trade publication provides targeted information to key decision-makers in the local legal community. These readers play a role in all aspects of the decision making for the legal industry’s products and services as well as providing tremendous purchasing power. Attorney at Law Magazine brings influential readers and respected advertisers together in one publication.

Attorney at Law Magazine contains compelling content highlighting local attorneys, legal professionals, law firms, expert witnesses, and local business leaders with additional feature articles and columns capturing the latest industry trends. The combination of engaging local market editorial with informative features and columns delivers a unique perspective to legal professionals. The magazine also features prominent lawyers and firms who are the driving forces of the legal community. Attorney at Law Magazine is delivered through the power of controlled circulation so readers receive complimentary copies.

About Target Market Media Publishing, LLC
Target Market Media Publishing, LLC is the franchisor of Attorney at Law Magazine. Target Market Media Publishing, LLC is a unique company focused on niche media and marketing. The company goal is to provide effective solutions to our customers by helping them reach very specific professional clients.