Attorney at Law Magazine Partners with Lead Marvels to Launch Online Resource Center

Posted on August 28, 2019

Target Market Media Publications is pleased to announce a partnership with Lead Marvels to provide a newly launched online Resource Center for Attorney at Law Magazine.

The Resource Center will provide vendors with a dynamic marketing opportunity to provide educational content to the AALM readers and subscribers to help them advance their legal practice and careers. Private practice attorneys across the United States will benefit from the latest vendor-sponsored educational content – including legal reports, case studies, white papers, webinars, eBooks, practice guides and more.

“We always want to provide our readers with the latest legal news and best practices to support their professional growth. With our localized approach to the AALM publication, we knew the legal professionals needed a broader reach to industry trends and information – this new resource center now provides them a national platform to expand their knowledge base,” says Ken Minniti, President and CEO of Target Market Media. “Although we just launched a few weeks ago, the content is already proving to be a valuable resource to our readers. If this pattern continues, we will look to Lead Marvels to launch this new feature with our other publications in the near future.”

Ben Schottland, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships of Lead Marvels, stated: “We are pleased with the initial success that AALM is having in the few short weeks since the Resource Center went live. Our strategy with media publishers is always, first and foremost, to provide valuable and educational content for the readers but also help to create new incremental revenue for the publisher through lead generation opportunities for their advertisers. We look forward to seeing the AALM Resource Center grow and be a true source for attorneys and legal professionals to grow their practice.”

To view the AALM’s Resource Center, click here.

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