Free “Franchise”

Target Market Media Publications Inc. franchised it’s publications so that it’s independent contractor publishers would have an opportunity to take the business they launched and developed and convert it into a business they owned.

The Evolution of Our Franchise Opp.

Over time, Target Market Media made the decision to offer this conversion to publishers who achieve a level of success without the initial franchise fee. Independent contractor publishers who hit this “standard of performance” will be able to convert their hard work into an ownership and a different (usually increased) revenue stream.

Independent contractor publishers will receive all the information about the standards to meet the waiver of the initial franchise fee. If they are interested in altering their business relationship, Target Market Media will provide them with a copy of the current Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), so they can do their due diligence and determine if it is the right fit for him or her.

Is the Franchise for You?

Some of our independent contractor publishers prefer to stay in their current relationship with Target Market Media Publications. In that position, they are able to act in the role of salesperson and representative of the magazine without the weight of financial duties that franchisees must take up. Other publishers saw the financial advantage to converting into a franchise in their own circumstances and made the transition.

Learn More

Such conversions are considered on a one-on-one basis between the publisher and Target Market Media. To learn more, contact our market development coordinator or complete our contact form.