Hear From Our Publishers

Following are a few kind words from some of Target Market Media’s current publishers as well as former publishers. They can tell you about their experience as a publisher unlocking their entrepreneurial potential as well as the support they received from Target Market Media. 

  • Tatia Gordon-Troy, Attorney at Law Magazine D.C. Suburbs Publisher
    I’m a very skeptical person generally, so when I saw the advertisement from Target Market Media (TMM) in search of publishers, I immediately began researching the company before reaching out to anyone. The opportunity intrigued me because I’m an accomplished editor and publisher, having worked for 15 years in association publishing with a track record that includes  building a multimillion-dollar publishing program in books and periodicals. Having recently started my own publishing company, Attorney at Law Magazine seemed like a perfect addition to my overall business plan, which encompasses marketing consulting. Once I was satisfied with my research on the company, I reached out to the district publisher, Bob Friedman, a very nice and accommodating person who is the publisher of the North Carolina edition. Ken is very knowledgeable and offered a litany of experience to a group of people from all walks of life. The opportunity to be a part of the TMM family and create a side business is what brought us to the table. Ken was very honest about his experiences and expectations and clearly stated that the work can be difficult; by the end of the class, we knew what we were getting into. But hard work also tends to reap rewards for those who remain focused; ask any number of the publishers who have been involved for several years, especially those who decided to purchase the franchise, and you’ll realize that the hard work can pay off. For all of his publishers, Ken provides ongoing training and support via group conference calls, Q&A sessions, and myriad emails and articles on how to sharpen your skills in sales and marketing. TMM even provides certain tools to help you build your book of business and keep it all straight. So if you’re looking for a challenging opportunity that promises to knock you way out of your comfort zone, but also promises to benefit you financially in the long-run, this is worth a closer look. You’ll meet lots of good people and make new friends while finding clients. As an attorney and publisher, I enjoy talking to people about their goals and desires for their practices and I know it’s my job to help them realize those goals. Marketing is a necessary part of today’s legal profession, and I provide the vehicles for that purpose while advising professionals on how best to achieve their business objectives.
  • Anne-Marie Lahndorf, Attorney at Law Magazine Northern Indiana Publisher
    I am just beginning my career with Attorney at Law Magazine.  I started my training in January 2017. I’ve just begun having appointments with potential advertisers and attorneys.  This is not an easy career path, but I understood that going in.  I’ve opened four magazines in my career and opening a magazine is a multifaceted juggling act that requires a great deal of self-motivation and determination.  It isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure.  But this is a really terrific opportunity for the right person with the right mindset.  Ken REALLY knows his stuff!  He communicates his knowledge well and through repetition, he continues his training several times a week with conference/video calls. He can teach you a lot of valuable information and experiences.  I am at the point where I have to jump into the ‘very’ deep end of the pool and be willing to fail a bit to get my sea legs and begin getting a handle on my presentations.  I truly believe in the product and the leadership as well as my ability to launch this publication into a successful business. Furthermore, I believe that the hard work will pay off and the lifestyle that I once enjoyed in my previous publishing life will be mine again.  I love the freedom that this business model offers in my daily life and believe I will be as satisfied with my professional life and compensation as I was in the past.  I highly recommend this opportunity and think you should search your soul and if this is the right move for you, I suggest that Target Market Media is the right place to partner with.
  • Dave Kohl, Real Estate Agent Magazine North Chicago Publisher
    It has been so nice to work with Ken and his team. Real Estate Agent Magazine is the ideal fit for my Chicago area marketing agency. Ken and his staff have been especially helpful (and patient) as we build a long-term client list. I have incorporated many of his suggestions and look forward to hearing more. I highly recommend TMM to potential new publishers.
  • Scott Taylor, Physician’s Medical Practice Management Magazine Phoenix Publisher
    Ken Minnitti and Target Market Media Publications have been very helpful in supporting my efforts as a publisher for one of their trade magazine publications. The professionalism and experience of the staff, and Ken’s vast knowledge of the industry make is easier to meet the challenges of this industry. I would recommend working with Target Market Media to anyone, anytime.
  • Rick Sutherland, Physician’s Medical Practice Management Magazine Dallas Publisher
    TMM supports its publishers with a vast range of products for our clients and readers. From creative design, email marketing and cutting edge digital products; the company positions its publishers as marketing solution providers .
  • Sarah Torres, Attorney at Law Magazine Downtown L.A. Publisher
    I feel totally supported by TMM. I love the conference calls with Ken. They give me motivation each week. He sets high standards, which keeps me wanting to do more. We have great materials and great guidance. It was really helpful in the beginning when I was launching. The system has been boiled down to a science. If you follow it, you’ll be successful. There are still things on my list that will keep me growing this magazine.
  • Ruth Tharaldson, Real Estate Agent Magazine Twin Cities Publisher
    It’s wonderful working with the team. It’s a growing company with a really positive energy. For me, it’s the perfect job. It’s all the obvious benefits – I don’t have to drive an hour to some corporate 8-5 job; I can cut out for an hour in the middle of the day. I get to set my own hours. If you’re self-motivated and can put in the work, it’s wonderful.
  • Amy Dreiling, Attorney at Law Magazine Middle Tennessee Publisher
    Samantha has been there for me the whole way. She stays on top of things with me. With my first issue, everyone rallied together to get it out when I needed it. Everyone is positive when I make a sale, which makes me want to make more sales.
  • Jim Shultz, Attorney at Law Magazine Cleveland Publisher
    There is no question, the magazine is so well-received by attorneys. After we did the photo shoot with the Brown law firm today, I was using the magazine as my calling card at several firms and I always get some great feedback. The magazine opens doors because of its quality.
  • Rhenne Leon, Publisher of Attorney at Law Magazine Palm Beach
    Ken is a great guy to work for and work with. He is not afraid to try new ideas and is open to all suggestions. He works well with his staff and publishers. He is one of the few managers that I have worked with that “comes out of the box” and is a true leader!
  • Lisa Schofield, Real Estate Agent Magazine Phoenix Publisher 
    Target Market Media has been very supportive in my quest to launch the magazine. I am looking forward to the first issue.
  • Robert Friedman, Attorney at Law Magazine NC Triangle Publisher 
    I am thoroughly enjoying my experience as a publisher of Target Market Media’s Attorney at Law Magazine. The editorial and art departments are incredibly talented and dedicated. The entire staff has bent over backwards to help me put out the best possible magazine.
  • Tonya McKenzie, Real Estate Agent Magazine L.A. Beach Cities Publisher
    I enjoy the ability to use my talents for a product that I can be proud. I am able to utilize my strengths and get help with my weaknesses to produce a quality publication.
  • Andre Denault, Attorney at Law Magazine Baltimore Publisher 
    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to build something to call your own, Target Market Media offers you this unique opportunity. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Ken and his team provide the tools and training needed to be successful!
  • Bonnie Barnett, Former Attorney at Law Magazine Las Vegas Publisher 
    It is my pleasure to recommend Ken Minniti. I have had business dealings with Ken for the past 5 years and have found him to be an insightfully creative visionary, a hard working and effective leader, and consummate professional. It has truly been both an enjoyable and fruitful experience to know and work with Ken.
  • Kathryn A. Llamas, Former Broker Agent Magazine Orlando Publisher 
    It is not a surprise to me that Ken would be at the top of his game at Target Market Media. He is the one person I truly respect in the publishing business. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great resource when it comes to how individuals and companies should market themselves. Everything I know about success in publishing, I learned from Ken when he hired me as the Orlando publisher for Broker Agent Magazine. He set such high standards for everyone he worked with and was committed to their success. I am very honored to recommend Ken. He is a winner at anything he does.
  • Mary Ann Taylor, Former Broker Agent Magazine Publisher 
    I have worked with Ken for over 15 years. It has been a pleasure.I was Executive Publisher at Broker Agent Magazine and Publisher at Sunshine Media. I found Ken to always be on top of things, detailed oriented, and a people person. His door was always open to talk ideas. He was very supportive and helpful in all ways. He is very business savvy. I highly recommend working with Ken Minniti.
  • Christy May
    Ken is a brilliant sales manager! I don’t know how he trained so many of us and made us all feel like part of his team.