Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Posted on April 14, 2018

When asked, virtually everyone will respond that, “Yes! Of course!” But how do you know if and when you really are ready to take that leap to be your own boss?

Not everyone is really cutout to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone wants or can handle the responsibility. On the other hand, there are many people who may have considered the idea but are really not sure it’s the right move.

The following questions might provide a good start if you’ve been considering making the big move from employee to boss:

  1. Do you have a true passion for what you do (or what you’d like to do)? Stepping into the world of the self-employed means a lot of work, a lot of hours and true dedication. The only way this can be construed as “enjoyable” is if you truly love what you’re doing.
  2. Are you comfortable making the big decisions? Being the boss means there is no one to “pass the buck” to. If making important decisions makes you skittish then maybe you should stay put in an environment where these decisions are made by a group or someone higher up. However, if you trust your instincts and are able to live with outcomes (good and bad) then maybe you are a boss-in-waiting.
  3. Are you a disciplined self-starter? Hey, we all claim to be great self-starters in the interview, but if you are really honest with yourself, is that you? Can you jump into action every day even though there is no one to answer to? This is critical. Without this kind of personality, your new business is probably doomed before you start!
  4. Can you successfully balance or compartmentalize your personal life with work? This is tricky even when you work for someone else, but if you have your own business (especially one with a home office) it requires a lot of thought and planning to make sure you can keep these two worlds separate. If you have a home office, it’s wise at the outset to lay down ground rules for friends and family. Just because you’re technically “home” doesn’t mean you are available.
  5. Does your new business venture offer a good support system? It’s scary enough taking that big leap, but without someone on your side to offer support, answers to your questions and even some kind of “map” to success, you’ll probably feel like someone adrift in the ocean in a rubber boat. Find a business where you can depend on experts to guide you through the initial setup and be there for you as your business grows.

If you’ve answered all these questions honestly, it should be clear whether the life of an entrepreneur is right for you. As a publisher with Target Market Media Publications, you’ll benefit from other publishers around the country as well as the expert staff who will guide you through every step.

Congratulations if you’ve discovered you are ready to be your own boss! Your life is about to become very exciting and profitable.