Real Estate Agent Magazine Comes to Chicago

Posted on January 20, 2017

ChicagoCHICAGO (January 20, 2017) – Target Market Media Publications, Inc. is pleased to announce the newest edition of Real Estate Agent Magazine has come to Chicago. Led by Publisher Dave Kohl, the magazine premiere issue was released January 15.

According to Target Market Media CEO and Executive Publisher Kenneth Minniti, the magazine is destined to be a great success under the experienced leadership of Kohl, whose years of experience in marketing and publishing are ideally suited to this professional, business-to-business publication.

“We’re fortunate to have Dave join our publishing family, says Minniti. “He is the consummate expert when it comes to real estate and mortgage advertising and marketing. With 25 years of experience, his myriad real estate marketing promotions have included partnerships with TV, radio and an official publication of the Los Angeles Association of REALTORS®. We anticipate he will bring the same level of professionalism and success for Real Estate Agent Magazine.”

In the premiere issue, Kohl introduced Nicholas J. Marino as the Real Estate Agent of the Month. His feature paints both a portrait of an experienced and successful professional, celebrating 45 years in the business and in the same location as well as a walk down memory lane for long-time Chicago residents.

In this premiere issue, Kohl also showcased Jane Bishop Lillegard as the Rising Star of the Month. From stay-at-home mom to wild success, Jane has seen the lows of the Great Recession and ridden them out to even bigger success.

Looking ahead, Kohl anticipates that this bi-monthly publication will become the go-to magazine for real estate professionals looking for the latest industry news and insight into their fellow agents. Beyond profiles on local REALTORS®, the magazine includes columns penned by professionals and articles about marketing and business management.

For more information about the magazine, contact Dave Kohl at 480-219-9716. Visit the online submission page to nominate a REALTOR® for a future feature story.

About Real Estate Agent Magazine

Real Estate Agent Magazine is a national network of local magazines that focus on the local real estate community. The first edition was published in Twin Cities in 2014. Currently, more than five magazines are published locally nationwide. For more information, contact the corporate office or call (480) 219-9716 to be directed to your local representative.

About Target Market Media Publication, Inc.

Target Market Media is the publisher of Attorney at Law Magazine, Real Estate Agent Magazine and C-Level Magazine. Target Market Media is a unique company focused on niche media and marketing. The company goal has always been to provide effective solutions to customers by helping them reach very specific professional clients. The company dates back to 1994 and the formation of ADKP Media, a marketing consultant company that published the real estate trade publication, Broker Agent Magazine.