The Right Sales Technique for Your Business

Posted on September 27, 2016


Many people establishing a business seek out the best practices for obtaining sales and marketing. In doing so, there are plenty of options available. From a sales standpoint, you often have the option of outside sales or inside sales. These techniques are exactly what they sound like: opposite.

Outside Sales
Outside sales focus on the business owner or representative of the company scheduling face-to-face meetings with their target buyers. These meetings typically include an elaborate presentation with the details of the business and an incentive to invest in the business.

Outside sales offers a potential customer the opportunity to find a better connection with the salesperson, the company and the product or service.

The body language and facial expressions can help match the tone of voice to the salesperson presenting to the potential customer and allows the customer to put a “face to the name.”  It can show a salesperson’s commitment and investment into the business and the product or services it provides.

Outside sales can also generate referrals. While one customer might not need or want to invest in your business, they might know someone else who would be interested.

Inside Sales
Inside sales usually involves telemarketing, which are salespeople who contact customers either on the phone and/or online rather than meet face-to-face. These are typically the automated voice messages or sales people that begin with “My name is John Doe calling from XYZ. Would you be interested in our service or product?”

Telemarketing can prove effective for small businesses or startups as they  have lower overhead. Contacting potential and even current customers can open communication to feedback to improve customer satisfaction, as well as the profitability of your business.

While telemarketing can be effective, it is usually associated with a negative response or image. Some uninterested customers become annoyed with the unwanted call, whereas others are merely cautious of a scam.

The other disadvantage is that while the telemarketing itself is not typically expensive, the list of customers can make a dent in your budget with little or no return on the investment.

A Balance
For the serious sales business, an owner needs to take a balanced approach. In the beginning, it may be best if the owner were to set out and attend sales meetings personally.

Once business begins to pickup, hiring an inside sales team to help set appointments, follow-up with current or past clients as well as make connections with other potential clients is a more cost-effective investment.

As business continues to grow, the owner can bring on other outside sales personnel and train them in the products and services of the company. The training component is essential to grooming a successful sales person who will give your business the best return on its investment.