Attorney at Law Magazine Phoenix Franchise Sold

Posted on May 1, 2015

PHOENIX (May 1, 2015) – Target Market Media is pleased to announce the sale of the Attorney at Law Magazine Phoenix Franchise to William Douglass Publishing, Inc.

CEO Charles “Charley” Douglass, the new franchise owner and publisher, has more than 15 years of experience in media, including advertising sales and business development. Most recently, he was an account executive at the Phoenix Business Journal. He will bring this combined experience to the operation and publication of the Greater Phoenix Edition of Attorney at Law Magazine.

“Coming from a very extensive media background in the Los Angeles areas, I’m excited to take on the responsibility of publishing this magazine here in the greater Phoenix area,” said Mr. Douglass. “I will work hard toward the continued growth and success of this publication. I’m looking forward to developing content of interest to each of our readers.”

Target Market Media CEO, Ken Minniti, was particularly excited to share the news with Attorney at Law Magazine’s readers. “When we first launched this publication in 2009 I knew it would be an adventure,” he shared. “I’m very excited to move forward with this relationship with Charley. With his background in media and advertising sales, I know he’ll bring an infusion of energy and direction to this established magazine.”

The first issue of Attorney at Law Magazine to be released under the new ownership will be Volume 6 Number 7, to be published in July 2015. For advertising inquiries, please contact Mr. Douglass at (480) 656-1049 or via email at

About Attorney at Law Magazine Greater Phoenix
Attorney at Law Magazine was first published in 2009. Since its inception it has featured many legal legends, including former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The Phoenix Edition is the flagship magazine for a publication that now has a national presence. With more than 15 local publications across the country, Attorney at Law Magazine is quickly becoming a force within the legal community. A print and digital publication, the magazine is distributed to local private practice attorneys, offering editorial about the business of law, including legal marketing, practice management and career advancement. For more information or to read the latest issue, please visit For more information about the franchise opportunity with Attorney at Law Magazine, please visit

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