Real Estate Agent Magazine Comes to Treasure Valley

Posted on July 2, 2015

TV - Jennie Johnson

TREASURE VALLEY (July 2, 2015) – Target Market Media Publications, Inc. is pleased to introduce the premiere issue of Real Estate Agent Magazine Treasure Valley. Based out of Boise, the publication is headed by local publisher Shannon Noble.

Kenneth Minniti, CEO of Target Market Media, says, “We look forward to a thriving publication in Boise. We know what an accomplishment it is to launch a magazine and we’d like to congratulate Shannon on her hard work and success.”

We are pleased to feature Jennie Johnson as Treasure Valley’s first Real Estate Agent of the Month and cover story. Johnson’s father recognized her sales and people skills combined with her familiarity of the local community would be a perfect fit for the real estate industry. A decade later, she is still thriving. She founded the Jennie Johnson Team after spending a year being mentored by real estate professionals. “I started with a team of four agents, including myself. Today, I have five and I have hopes of continuing to grow as we are able.” Read more on Johnson’s success and the beautiful family life that keeps her grounded here.

This month we are also pleased to cover some top real estate professionals including broker, Bob Van Allen; builder, Corey Barton; and rising star, Molly McCluskey. With a collection of real estate columns and articles sharing tips on improving any real estate agency practice, Real Estate Agent Magazine Treasure Valley will become the real estate community’s go-to source for practice management and marketing tips as well as information on the local community.

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About Real Estate Agent Magazine
Real Estate Agent Magazine is a tightly focused business-to-business trade magazine providing industry-focused information to the real estate community. Each edition of Real Estate Agent Magazine provides local information on client relationships, branding, marketing and business development.

Real Estate Agent Magazine has compelling content highlighting local REALTORS® and agents as well as brokers, builders and mortgage professionals with additional feature articles and columns capturing the latest industry trends. The integration of compelling local market editorial with informative features and columns delivers a unique perspective to the real estate professionals.

The publications exist simply to serve the real estate community. Our goal is to provide the best most informative, pertinent and engaging content in each issue for our targeted readership. We have no agenda and no pitch, so the content is dictated by our readers. Feel free to contact us with any editorial suggestions. We appreciate the feedback.

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