Take the Next Step to Build Your Publishing Empire

Posted on May 24, 2017

Feeling like you’ve reached your income peak or have plateaued? Or, maybe you’re just looking for a new challenge. You are not alone! Around the world, magazine publishers are striving to adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by economic shifts. But here’s the good news-there is no shortage of consumer demand for their core offering of news and information! This is particularly true for the specialized arena of business-to-business publications. Here are the steps to build your publishing empire.

As you build your first publication and expand both advertisers and relationships within that particular industry, you might also be ready to expand your influence and even more importantly your income. The best (and easiest) way to do this is to explore additional titles.

Establishing a New Title

As an already established and respected publisher you are already ahead of the game! Think about it, how many times have you been on a sales call, at a networking event, or even pursuing the internet and recognized companies who just seem to be begging for exposure in a publication such as yours? The only catch: their target market is not attorneys, real estate agents, or even CEOs.

Picking Your New Title

At TMM we have a wealth of options to expand your financial and editorial footprint in your own town. Been to a particularly impressive restaurant or small, out of the way café? What about your local medical community?

You’ve already done the hard work of establishing a presence within your community, why not build on that? Another great benefit: publishers who produce multiple titles find they have many “crossover” advertisers. (Another great way to offer value to your best clients!)

When you’re ready to expand your publishing empire and take advantage of the relationships and reputation you’ve built, adding another magazine title to your repertoire might just be the perfect answer!