The TMM Advantage for New Publishers

Posted on June 13, 2017

Despite the ever-increasing demand for MORE – more news, more information, more gossip – startup magazines are among the highest failure rates. That’s where having a corporate partner makes all the difference. In all the key areas that point to success, our publishers are not alone but backed by a full staff of advisers, writers, designers, and social media experts.

  1. COSTS: You’ve heard the expression “cash is king,” well this is even more true when trying to launch a new magazine. Printing and postage alone can deplete even the healthiest bankroll, and that’s AFTER  a host of writers and designers have prepared it for the printer. As a publishing partner with TMM, publishers only need to focus on their clients and who they wish to feature on the cover; writing, design, layout, printing and mailing are all handled through the home office.
  2. WINNING OVER ADVERTISERS: Typically (and understandably) advertisers are reluctant to invest their marketing dollars with a new, unproven publication. For new publishers at TMM this is not a problem! Because we’re a national company with various magazine titles throughout the country, you can visit those prospective clients with beautiful, full-color, high-quality magazines as examples of what’s in store for your market!
  3. PROMOTIONS: This could actually fall under the first category, but we feel it’s important enough to highlight. Promoting your new magazine is imperative to success, but again, this typically can cut deeply into your bank account. At TMM we have social media, marketing and PR experts who make sure the word gets out…in the right way! Furthermore, as your magazine progresses we issue press releases for each featured cover and fill the social media pipelines with news of what’s happening in your market and specifically with your magazine.
  4. KNOW HOW: We’ve saved the best for last. You don’t have to have publishing experience to make this work! Thanks to our intense publisher training program, network of publishers across the country, regular conferences, helpful “how to” publications and online templates and instructions, you have partners each and every step of the way.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the publishing world or a newbie, working with TMM virtually ensures your success. All you need to bring is energy, dedication, and the mindset to SUCCEED!