The Benefits of B2B Magazines for Sales

Posted on May 9, 2018

The magazine industry can be defined by many different factors … one of the major factors that divide the different magazines available are by readership – B2C and B2B magazines. The business-to-business (B2B) publications are on one spectrum of the magazine industry focusing on trade while business-to-consumer magazines are on the other end.

B2B trade magazines have many different benefits for salespeople.


As a trade publication, the salesperson knows exactly who the magazine makes up its readership. Yes, consumer magazines can get some demographic information learning the gender split and age groups of its readers, but the information is still quite vague. For a trade publication, you know that the readers are those who are mailed the magazine through controlled circulation. You know their profession. You know their education level. You know their geographic location.

With this knowledge you can make very tailored content that delivers needed information to these readers about their profession and its industry.


Recognizing your audience allows you to target your ideal advertiser. If your readers are accountants, look around the industry to see who is marketing directly to accountants. These are your advertisers. These are the people who need to reach your readers in your community. This allows you to create a very narrow and specific prospect list and the ability to offer those products something of true value to them. Yes, consumer magazines can approach a wide swath of businesses with the chance to reach their readers. Consumer magazines, however, are just one of many ways these businesses can hit these types of readers. For a trade B2B magazine, you can give them a very laser-focused marketing opportunity.


While consumer magazines can be well-received by its readership, the lack of very specific demographic information makes selling advertising within the magazine a little bit more challenging. In B2B trade magazines, salespeople are able to talk to specific businesses and present them with a real opportunity to hit their ideal clients and customers with a strong and consistent marketing message. With this benefit, salespeople are able to convert more prospects into paying customers even though the list of prospects may be a bit more narrow.

Consider this when looking into a sales position within the magazine industry.