Why B2B Magazines Make A Great Investment

Posted on June 1, 2018

It’s no secret, along with the joys and convenience of the World Wide Web, it’s popularity has effectively been the death knell to most printed publications. As long-time magazine titles slowly disappear from the newsstand, there is one genre that has never been more successful.

Trade publications, both newspapers and magazines have actually gained in popularity. Business-to-business magazines (or B2B) rather than being usurped by the internet have in fact, been enhanced. Always a popular source for specialized marketing and advertising, these trade publications continue to be a viable source of revenue with the added circulation boost afforded by the digital age.

Born in the early 1900’s, business publications initially were divided into three categories: retail, industrial and class. Today those classifications have evolved into: industrial, trade, professional and agricultural.

According to recent studies, an estimated $93 billion was spent on marketing communications in 2016. Approximately one out of every four of those dollars was spent on advertising in B2B publications. This effectively makes it one of the most successful businesses in the area of communications and, one of the best options for entrepreneurs.

Because of the relatively low investment and start-up costs versus the significant returns, publishing a B2B magazine that has interesting content and quality design almost guarantees success for anyone ready to put the time and effort into their business.

On a final note: Media investment banking company, Veronis Suchler Stevenson released an industry forecast that suggest business-to-business media will continue to grow, citing advertising dollars spent in these publications exceeded $12 billion in 2005.

Something to think about.